6 myths stupid about women and sex


Women are born, breathe, and live with the desire that one day they will wear a white dress and they will find the man that will lead them to the altar.

Women it's easier for them to have monogamous relationships because they are not genetically programmed to be interested in sex in the same way that men are. The orgasms it triggers areas in the brain that make them to fall in love.

Women can't do meaningless sex.


Sure you've read or heard at least once one of these myths. And the truth is that they are not just true. Let's see what people say of science about them.

1. Women are genetically programmed to prefer long-term relationships with a single partner

A 2006 study conducted on a sample of over 2,500 couples has proven that women get bored in monogamous relationships MORE QUICKLY than men. Another study from 2012 has shown that women can reach the point where they are not at all interested in their partner for the long run so MUCH FASTER than men. So, voila, ladies and it's kind of hard to be interested long-term by the same man.

2. Women don't think about sex as much as men

According to researcher Daniel Bergner, women not only that they think as often about sex, nay, they are even more genetically programmed than men to want to have as many partners throughout life. If so, how to do it, however, that this does not seem to be so obvious in everyday life? Bergner has an explanation for that: the social conventions. According to him, the company plays an important role in the tendency of women to avoid to behave the way you dictate genetics. More precisely, he says, the company and the monikers such as "woman of easy" to inhibit this type of behavior in women.

3. Women are not beings so visual as men, therefore I'm not turned on by visual stimuli

Researchers say that, on the contrary, women are even more genetically programmed to be turned on by visual stimuli. Meredith Chivers, a researcher at Queen's University studied the reactions that they have both women and men to the material erotic and pornography and concluded that certain parts of women's brains were much more active than the same areas in men's brains when they watched such material.

4. Women need foreplay and they need more time to reach orgasm

According to researchers from McGill University, both men and women become turned on around the same time. I mean in about 10 minutes. As things stand, and in the case of orgasm.

5. As they age, women don't want sex

Still a false myth, say scientists. Researchers at the University of Texas have conducted numerous studies that show that, on the contrary, women between 30-40 years and they want more sex than women between 18 and 30 years.

6. Orgasm makes women to fall in love with partner

In general people tend to believe that men can have sex anytime, anywhere, anyhow, with anyone without having a problem that I don't feel anything for that person and not feeling anything even after, while women, on the contrary, are programmed to fall in love with easy-easy to partner with each orgasm. Researchers at Rutgers University say that this is a false myth, since there is no report to prove or to confirm the link between oxytocin released in the brain after orgasm and flapdoodle.

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