You shouldn`t be listening to all of the proverbs


Proverbs are something that we rarely question .We always think that they speak the truth. This is happening maybe because our parents passed down to us some of these proverbs. We turn this proverbs into motivational posters and allow them to influence our lives. There are some proverbs that are wrong and outdated. You should consider this proverbs quite destructive.

One of the proverbs that you shouldn`t listen to is that a leopard cannot change its spots. The fact is that we all can change. It is in our nature to evolve. It isn`t easy to change but it is possible and you should know that. There are a lot of men that transform themselves from a jealous asshole to a caring partner. And the examples continue. People can transform from lazy to driven and from hating themselves to loving themselves.

Another proverb that is stuck with us is that the good things come to those who wait. This proverb is really irrelevant today. Everything move4s fast today. We are more demanding and our competition is strong. You really need to hustle in order to stand out. You will have to be proactive in all aspects of your life. You can wait for an amazing girl to fall on your lap, or you can try to get her yourself. You shouldn`t be wishing these events to happen and you really need to take action.

Look before your leap is another well-known proverb. A lot of us overanalyze everything. We are really afraid of failure and this is why we avoid it at all costs. You should learn by leaping. Making your own strategy is a good thing. You shouldn`t listen to the "when in Rome, do as Romans" proverb. This is a bad idea and a terrible advice. It is important to know your own identity. People are terrified with showing their own identity. This is why they don`t attract people that they like. This is why you don`t take risks and you fear of being judged. Another thing that you do is that you don`t show your romantic intentions and go for a kiss. You are anonymous and forgettable. You keep up ending in the friend zone and this affects you a lot in the long run. You shouldn`t let your friends mold you because they all may be cynical. Maybe your friends will think that is weird to talk with a girl.

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